Vegetarians watch out!

First, there was the meat cake from 2006. Now comes meat fruit. I kid you not. Fruits made of meat. Meat. Fruit. The mind boggles.

Edited to add: Well, this cut tag is kind of obnoxious for short posts. No, sorry, there isn't any more inside. But it does take you to the comment form, so comment away!


  1. I did, however, forward this to several of my friends who do not blog. And I'm happy to report that I've only received 10 "I hate you" replies :) I truly enjoy making my friends' brains sad...thanks for that, BoP :D

  2. "I truly enjoy making my friends' brains sad."

    With friends like you, who needs enemies? HA!

  3. Meat fruit... interesting. Can't say I'm too surprised.

    Thanks so much for your advice on how to fix my photos! I'll have to try out your suggestions.

  4. I'm following that series like glue. He's doing a roman feast with an ejaculating cake this week. My favorite was the absinth jelly powered by vibrators.


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